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1. How do I make a payment?
- For Singapore buyers, you can make a payment through interbank transfer
i) POSB / DBS - Immediate Transfer

- For International buyers, we accept Paypal .
i)Paypal (If you do not have a Paypal account, you can set-up one at http://paypal.com/ free of charge)
2. Which currency do you accept?
- For interbank transfer, payment will be made in Singapore Dollars (SGD)
- For Paypal, you can either choose to make payment in Singapore Dollars (SGD) or US Dollars (USD).
If you choose to pay by US Dollars (USD)  , we will convert your total amount according to the rates listed on http://paypal.com/

3. Will I be notified after you receive the payment for my order?
Yes, we will inform you of the receipt of payment & your parcel's tracking number .